I am a coach, developmental editor, collaborator, and ghostwriter.

Over the past ten years, my clients have ranged from a TV talk-show personality in New York to a neuroscientist/integrative MD in San Francisco and an acupuncturist in Beverly Hills, to psychotherapists, yoga celebrities, self-help experts, memoirists, and even an 80-year-old shaman. I’m pleased to report that 90 percent of my book proposal clients have received offers from conventional publishers. My services include working with authors during every phase of their writing journey—brainstorming and refining ideas; collaborating on or ghostwriting their book proposal; developing (or ghostwriting) their manuscript; and pitching it to the agents or publishers I have personal relationships with.


Yoga and mindfulness inform my unique approach to the writing process.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where my family has been for generations, went to college in Santa Barbara, and returned to Berkeley for grad school. After finishing my studies in comparative religion (with an emphasis on Sanskrit), I obviously had little to offer the real world. But I had had some success in writing, so I took a job working for a magazine and discovered I loved it. During those years, I mentored scores of writers, helping them hone their unique voice, rhythm and style. I ghostwrote or collaborated on hundreds of pieces and became known for my ability, as one writer said, to “channel” the voice of the author—and leave myself out of the story.

I’ve also authored several books of my own including the award-winning Yoga At Home: Inspiration for Creating Your Own Personal Practice (Rizzoli Publications); YogaMama; A Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health: A Lifelong Guide to Wellness (with Patricia Walden); Yoga for Healthy Bones and Yoga for Healthy Menstruation (all Shambhala Publication titles); and Yoga: A Yoga Journal Book (Rizzoli Pubs), a coffee-table book that chronicles the history of yoga and showcases more than 350 photographs of awe-inspiring yoga poses (by David Martinez).

I’ve been in the yoga and mindfulness arena for more than 30 years, which has informed my unique approach to the writing process. My talks and practices on body image, women’s health, and anxiety and depression appear on yogaanytime.com and YogaUOnline, as well as in audio and video interviews online. I co-founded the Courageous Women, Fearless Living retreats for women touched by cancer—my heart’s work.

These days I live in the Hudson River Valley with my husband Jim Keough and Ziggy, our hyper-energetic Irish Doodle, where there are ample opportunities to hike, kayak, and do yoga. Bonus: my kids and my grandkids are close by and that really does my heart good.

Linda Sparrowe effortlessly marries deep wisdom with complete joy and delight. Every time I am lucky enough to spend time with her, we laugh and enjoy life, and when it is time to part ways, I realize that because of her generosity, I have grown wiser.

— Margi Young, OM Yoga teacher (NYC and San Francisco)