The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health

A Lifelong Guide to Wellness

By Linda Sparrowe

Shambhala Publications (2002)

The Woman’s Book is a compassionate guide for women who wish to find physical and emotional balance in every stage of their lives. Offering practical advice and yoga sequences to relieve a host of challenges—from disordered body image to menstrual problems; from back pain to digestive woes; from puberty to pregnancy to post-menopause. This timeless book continues to guide women on their path toward wholeness and self-love. (Also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and German)

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What People are Saying About The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health

“The definitive guide to yoga and women’s health. It’s Sparrowe’s tone—that of a wise, experienced, understanding, yet resolutely affirmative friend—that wins her readers over….Simply stated, The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health is one of the most helpful, worthwhile yoga books to come down the pike in recent seasons.”

Yoga Journal

“You’ll find an amazing range of women’s health concerns addressed here. . . . It deserves a spot on your bookshelf next to other well-worn health references.”

Natural Health Magazine

These are the voices of two ordinary women who have done extraordinary things and who are sharing their findings without pretension. They speak from the heart.

Sharon Gannon

Creator of Jivamukti Yoga

Women everywhere will be grateful for this book. It’s immensely practical, user friendly, and yet it still manages to reverberate with the central mystery of yoga: the possibility of living authentically, wildly, and passionately in our resilient, powerful, at times frail, and always aging bodies.

Stephen Cope

Author, Yoga and the Quest for the True Self