Yoga Mama

The Practitioner’s Guide to Prenatal Yoga

By Linda Sparrowe

Shambhala Publications (2016)

Yoga Mama is the perfect companion for the experienced yoga practitioner during her pregnancy and on into motherhood. This pre- and postnatal book offers practical advice and inspiration, asana sequences, pranayama practices, and meditation techniques, all of which speak to and help new mothers connect more deeply to their experience and prepare for their journey—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Grounded in ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge, the book covers each trimester, labor and birth, and the postpartum years.

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What People are Saying About Yoga Mama

Yoga Mama answered a ton of questions about which poses I can do, and which ones to leave out, and has also given me the “OK” to skip yoga on days I don’t feel well. As someone who practices daily, I really needed that permission to rest when I need it most.

Amanda L.

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I didn’t have prenatal yoga experience until I became pregnant. As my belly, I realized i needed some help from professionals. this is a great guide with really useful sequences and i’m especially valuing the chapter on pelvic floor exercises. enjoy!


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This is a great book for the yogini who’s expecting. I bought it to get more insight into prenatal yoga and actually gave it as a gift to a pregnant student who has a decent home practice. It’s a good book for a teacher, but for the right student — it’s perfect.

Pat Perrier