A Yoga Journal Book

By Linda Sparrowe

Rizzoli Publications (2002, 2008)

A coffee-table book that chronicles the history of yoga and showcases more than 350 photographs (by David Martinez) of awe-inspiring yoga poses.

With dozens of stunning foldouts, this book beautifully explores a wide range of yoga with an emphasis on how it touches more than the physical body; the flexibility and stamina achieved on the yoga mat will doubtless transcend to more important aspects of everyday life. Linda Sparrowe’s introduction traces the evolution of yoga, rooted in the devotional and metaphysical teachings of the sacred yoga texts including the Vedas, Upanishads, and the Bhagavad-Gita, and progressing to an in-depth look at the philosophy of Patanjali, the father of modern yoga.

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What People are Saying About YOGA

This book is absolutely beautiful. A wonderful collection of many different bodies expressing asana.  Looking at it as a student of yoga, you can really appreciate the depth and complexity of some poses, and it sparks the imagination of what’s possible with the body.

William Kostenko

Boise, Idaho

This book is a luxury for the senses: stunning photographs of yogis consolidated in the most unlikely postures. Yes, the human body is amazing. The quality and care with which the photos have been taken leaves you breathless. To look at it, enjoy it and look at it again and again.


Amazon purchase, Spain

First of all, if you’re moving anytime soon, don’t purchase this book quite yet. It is ENORMOUS. You’ll have an easier time getting the sofa out of a bay window! Here, the photography is stunning, and the quality of the paper allows the beauty of the prints to shine.

Adam David

Amazon purchase, USA