Let’s Work Together

As your partner in the writing process, I want to help you tell your story and create the book you’ve always wanted to write. I want to encourage you to write what you wonder about, to linger over all the beautiful details, and to amplify your voice in a way that touches the hearts and minds of your readers. There are several ways in which we can work together, depending on what you’re working on, where you are in the process, and what you need in order to make things happen.


These one-hour sessions are an ideal way to begin our work together. A few conversations can help me get to know your voice and your story.

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No agent or publisher will consider your book idea without a book proposal, and proposals are no fun! Here’s how I can help you through the process.

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Writing a book is hard. It just is. That doesn’t mean you don’t know your subject matter well or don’t have wisdom to impart. You do.

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Coaching Sessions

These one-hour sessions are an ideal way to begin our collaboration. Even two or three conversations can help me get to know your voice and your story; they can help you decide whether I’m the one you want to work with; and can help us chart a path toward sharing that story with the world.

If you have a whisper of an idea, coaching allows the two of us to brainstorm, strategize, and figure out a game plan. If you’re already working on a manuscript, and feel stuck or discouraged, I’ll offer my support and give you tools and practices to free the mind and the pen.

If you’re ready to craft a book proposal, I’ve got you covered there, too: we’ll map out the elements of my tried-and-true template so you can get busy populating it with your unique offering.

So many choices!

I want to express my deep appreciation to Linda Sparrowe who not only encouraged me to write my book, but also spent many afternoons with me helping me become a better writer.

Sarah Powers, author of Insight Yoga

Thank you for everything so far – even when we are not in direct communication you are a powerful guiding force!

Jane Slade, host of Starving for Darkness podcast

Creating Book Proposals

Almost without exception, agents and publishers will not consider your book idea without a comprehensive book proposal. They want to know three “whys” and a “how”: why this book, why you, why now; and how you plan to get it into the hands of thousands of readers. I know it sounds more like a business plan than a creative document, but it’s really both.

A winning book proposal gives agents and publishers everything they need to make a decision about your book. It’s often easier to march through the three “whys” and a “how” as though you’re writing that business plan. But in truth, they also want to experience the sound, texture and rhythm of your voice; they want to engage with your story; they want to experience your wisdom.

I’ve developed a template that helps writers address all of that. It has proven highly successful (90 percent of my book proposal clients have received offers from New York agents and conventional publishers), and I will share it with you when we collaborate. Book proposal writing is a fairly lengthy process—but a critical one. It serves not only to engage agents and publishers but also to help you organize your thoughts and, ultimately, the structure and contents of your book.

I can offer substantive editing and feedback on an already-written proposal, create one step-by-step with you, or take all your information and write the proposal for you.

“Linda was there every step of the way. She helped me, guided me, and edited my work. She knew the voice that was needed and was compassionate in our journey together. She is a wise soul and an inspiration to me.”

Denise Weisner, LAc, author of Conceiving in Love: A Whole-Body Approach to Creating Intimacy, Reigniting Passion, and Increasing Fertility


Writing a book is hard. It just is. That doesn’t mean you don’t know your subject matter well or don’t have wisdom to impart. You do. No doubt you have a story to tell, advice to give, or a radically new concept to share. You’ve written pages and pages and now you’re not sure where to go from here. Or perhaps you (a) are busy doing what you do best and have no time to write; (b) don’t consider yourself a writer; or (c) feel that the process is much too daunting—and would much prefer to hand over the writing to someone else. Here’s how I can help you.

I can help you develop your ideas, help you go from rough draft to polished manuscript, or write it for you with plenty of input from you through phone calls or in-person conversations. This is truly a collaborative relationship—and often a long, slow, careful one. I get involved early on in your process to make sure you are saying what you want to say in a way that your reader can receive your message. You may come to me with an idea or an outline for a book—or you may have a manuscript partially or wholly written.

My job is to focus on the big picture, the overarching theme. I want to make sure your voice is consistent, the information is well organized, that nothing is left out that should be in, and nothing left in that should be out. I’ll ask you lots of questions, give you plenty of feedback and suggestions, and read each chapter to you so you can experience the lyricism as well as the information they convey.

After my first session with Linda, I had new clarity about my book’s message and began writing with purpose and passion.

Kerry Maiorca, prescriptive nonfiction writer

“You swept into this project like an angel from another world.

I am forever grateful for the unique talent and light you’ve shined in my life.”

Erica Jago, co-author of Art of Attention and founder of Jago Yoga

Linda understands that in writing, as in yoga, it’s not just what you say that is important, but how you it say it that matters. Linda gently nudges me to dig deeper into my subject and then pinpoints the moment when I finally communicate clearly in my very own voice.

Cyndi Lee

Founder, OM Yoga (NYC) and author, May I Be Happy

Working with Linda was illuminating, cathartic, and incredibly joyful. I trusted myself to her process, learned from her wisdom and experience, and came out on the other side a real writer with an authentic voice of my own.

Seane Corn

Author, Revolution of the Soul: Awaken to Love Through Raw Truth, Radical Healing, and Conscious Action

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